Ready to take your

marketing up a notch? 

Marketing is a journey and every journey starts with a first step. 

Effective communication is the key

to business growth


Are you lacking the time, skills or knowledge to do great marketing? You're not alone. Most small businesses I work with have these barriers.  Thankfully, help is at hand! 

As your personal marketing coach, my main goal is to attract, engage and influence your customers to 'buy' from you. Sounds simple right? 

And I do this at a rate most businesses can afford. Amazing!

Five ways I can help you grow your business


By getting your business noticed and creating a brand story people love. 


By developing content that drives engagement and sales. 


By developing a marketing plan that's easy to implement.


By helping you use social networks to drive more business. 


By being there as long as you need me. 

 Do you like doing your own marketing?

"What!? Do my own marketing? Are you kidding?" Well no. I'm serious. You can do this. You may need a bit of structure, a smidgen of smarts, some cashola and the occasional bender, but I have full confidence in you.  I can be your mentor. Yes me. This will be fun.  

Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis.  But wisdom comes by putting things together.
— John A. Morrison